A World without Parasitic Worms: Why, When and How? 


A World without Parasitic Worms: Why, When and How?

when 6:30‐8pm where NYUAD Campus, Conference Center who NYU Abu Dhabi Institute
Open to the Public

A World without Parasitic Worms: Why, When and How? 

Billions of people, and billions of their animals, still harbor infections with various types of parasitic worms (helminths). These infections are not usually acutely lethal, but they reduce growth and productivity and contribute to the cycle of poverty. Impressive achievements in the development of new strategies for parasite control have led to the near eradication of human infections with the Guinea Worm (Dracunculus medinensis) from the world. What factors prevent people from repeating this successful campaign? This lecture explores the current landscape of helminth infections and the options available for improving lives through their control and elimination.

Timothy Geary, Canada Research Chair in Parasite Biotechnology; Institute Director, McGill University

Hosted by
NYU Abu Dhabi Institute

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