The Arrival of Late Modernism in Dubai 


The Arrival of Late Modernism in Dubai

when 6:30‐8pm where NYUAD Campus, Conference Center Part of the "50U" Series who NYU Abu Dhabi Institute
Open to the Public

The Arrival of Late Modernism in Dubai 

“Old” and “new” Dubai represent the city’s dual cosmopolitan context. The almost drastic stylistic evolution from “old” Dubai’s areesh, coral stone, and palm frond houses to “new” clean-cut whitewashed modernist buildings highlights a significant polar shift from tradition to modernism, not only as a mode of building, but also as a way of life. To understand architecture in Dubai in relation to the International Modern Movement, reflections on the context are essential: why was modernism introduced in Dubai? How was it applied to its architecture? This talk explores these questions, hoping to contribute to the preservation of the city’s heritage, both traditional and modern.

Maryam M. Ahli, Architect & Architectural Historian

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