Arabian Coral Reefs Conference 


Arabian Coral Reefs Conference

when 9am‐5pm where Abu Dhabi who NYU Abu Dhabi Institute
By Invitation Interested scholars please contact

Arabian Coral Reefs Conference 

The purpose of this conference is to bring together leading regional and international coral reef scientists to discuss recent research, and to open opportunities for dialogue and collaboration among participants. The geographic scope of this conference includes reefs in the Arabian Gulf, the northwestern Indian Ocean (e.g., Arabian Sea, Sea of Oman), and the Red Sea. This three-day conference includes themed symposium sessions, each opened by a keynote address from a renowned expert in the field. Themed topics include biogeography and evolution, coral community structure and dynamics, reef fish community structure and dynamics, microbial ecology, physiology, and biophysical processes, as well as a session on reef conservation and management.  

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Convened by
John A. Burt, Head of the Marine Biology Lab and Assistant Professor of Biology, NYUAD

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